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Isolationism-Getting What You Want?

February 5, 2017

Isolationism: “A policy or doctrine of trying to isolate one’s country from the affairs of other nations by declining to enter into alliances, foreign economic commitments, international agreements, and generally attempting to make one’s economy entirely self-reliant; seeking to devote the entire efforts of one’s country to its own advancement, both diplomatically and economically, while remaining in a state of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements and responsibilities.”

“Make America Great Again” is the slogan that underpins the policies and rhetoric of the new administration of President Donald Trump. It is the statement that garnered considerable support among many voters who ensured a Trump victory.  The message of campaign rallies and promises included making the US economy much more self reliant through the return of industry and jobs to US, an intention to decline to enter into foreign economic commitments and international agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and UN undertakings on the acceptance and treatment of refugees.

Trump has a direct non apologies approach to making America Great Again. He is not politically correct. He loudly dismisses any opposition both domestic and foreign. Among his supporters this shows his strength as a leader. Both during the campaign and first few weeks of governing Trump has promised; to take on China by reducing American imports from there; charge a 20% tariff on imports from Mexico; to use those proceeds to build a wall to exclude illegal immigrants from Mexico; repudiation of the TPP agreement; exclusion of travelers and immigrants based on their citizenship of a small number of countries.

Trump wants absolute control over America’s economy, borders and relations with other countries. As does almost every other country on earth. Perhaps America is big enough and prosperous enough to get its way and follow its own path. The only thing America cannot control is the response of other countries.



Catchup from Tom On Tuesday

March 8, 2011

Hello readers! My blog title and tagline used to be “Tom On Tuesday and also on Thursday and Saturday during Dec10 and Jan11”. Well, I stuck to that promise, just! My last post was 14 Feb, some three weeks ago, not even on Tuesdays. So, I’ve changed the out of date tag line and I am undertaking to at least start posting again, weekly on Tuesdays!

What has happened in the meantime? We’ve had a cyclone but not too much damage in the immediate local area. Further down the Queensland coast a few smaller towns got done over at least as badly as Innisfail five years ago. While the experience and aftermath of a cyclone is traumatic, in the long run the communities will have better buildings and the businesses stand to come back stronger.

Also, the ICC World Cup Cricket is on!!! Yes, it is a bit of a bore fest because the organisers have only organised one or two games per day in order to maximise television coverage. That is 42 preliminary games in 30 days! Yesterday the sole game being played was Kenya vs Canada!!! OK, televise the game but even in the cricket mad sub-continent, methinks Kenya vs Canada is unlikely to stir much passion.

NZ lit up the competition a little tonight. They were comfortably beaten by Australia. At 5/175 after 42 overs against Pakistan, they were still looking a little ordinary. Somebody lit a firecracker under them. By 50 overs they were 7/302 or 127 from their last 8 overs! That is the fighting Kiwis od old. It will be interesting to see if they can hold out Pakistan with that score.

When the World Cup started I was convinced that Australia’s reign at the World Cup would come to an end this year. Yes, they had just beaten the Poms 6-1 but that was in Australia against one opponent, not on the sub-continent against potentially three or four other well credentialed opponents. While Australia’s bowling had been very good, there was almost certainly going to be an injury or two to that group. And for the whole summer, Tests, ODI’s or T20, Australia had barely had more than 2 or 3 batsmen out of the top seven fire in the same innings. And surely at this World Cup one of the sub-continent teams or South Africa perhaps would stand up and be dominant.

Now, I am not so sure. Australia still has its vulnerabilities. But England after spectacularly drawing with India was shot down by Ireland and won narrowly against the Netherlands. India took care of Bangladesh but could not prevent England scoring 338 to tie! India also suffers the greatest pressure due to home country expectations. South Africa was travelling comfortably until losing a low scoring game to England. On the other side of the draw Sri Lanka and Australia proved nothing with a game that was washed out before the end of the first innings. Pakistan is about to show whether they are man or mouse against an inconsistent NZ.

My tips for the SF’s – India, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa. Any one’s World Cup from there!