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QWA? – Security at the Chemist

March 2, 2014

Have you picked up a prescription from the chemist lately? Do they put it in that secure little plastic box that only the assistant at the cash register can open? It stops you or anyone else getting out the door without paying for your drugs, doesn’t it? Perhaps you have two prescriptions filled. Maybe both of them fit in that one secure box.

However, what if you order 3,4,5 or more drugs? Do you get more than one locked box? Not in my experience! At my pharmacy you get one or two boxes in the secure plastic box and the rest to carry unrestrained. I have been known to refill ten prescriptions at once, so that is 80% on the loose!

So why do you only get one locked box?  Does this mean that people who get more than one prescription at a time are more trustworthy? QWA.