ICC World Cup Cricket 2011

I’ve just watched the highlights of the Australian’s first practice cricket match of the Cricket World Cup 2011. The first thing that struck me, apart from BOTH SIDES collapsing for not a lot of runs, was that the Australian team is back in a yellow uniform. That’s right folks, not the classier gold, not the green they have used since the Commonwealth Bank became a sponsor but yellow! Actually the majority green with gold trim one day uniform of recent seasons has been somewhat confusing. It looks more like South Africa turning out to play than Australia. However the majority gold uniform that Australia has more usually used is obviously not a good fit for the gold and black Commonwealth Bank logo.

The other odd thing about the Australian World Cup 2011 uniform is the LACK of a front sponsor. There is an Australian Coat of Arms above the heart, there is an ICC World Cup logo on the right breast and VACANT real estate on the rest of the front of the shirt. Did the Commonwealth Bank opt out of World Cup sponsorship or is there a conflict with another financial institution sponsoring the World Cup? I don’t know.

There ARE sleeve sponsors for the Australians however. The primary sleeve (ie front facing when the player is at bat – left sleeve for a right hander, right sleeve for a left hander) is VB of beer fame. The secondary sleeve sponsor is Adidas, presumably the providers of the uniforms. The relatively naked front of the uniform is still a puzzle. You have to go back to the 1980’s or early 1990’s to see uniforms as bare of a major sponsor as these.

For those who are keen to follow the World Cup Cricket 2011, be ware if you Google to find a site. I started by searching for “World Cup Cricket 2011” which resulted in an advertising heavy, poorly written, hard to navigate site ending in “.co.in”. In fact I think it is there solely for the advertising! Under this search the official ICC site comes up 6th and you need to scroll down. To get the official ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 site you need to search for “ICC World Cup Cricket 2011”, when the site comes up 5th, only one ahead of its dodgier cousin.

In between the official site and its dodgy competitor, a reasonable site that comes up 2nd on each of the two different searches is…Wikipedia…much scorned by some but as usual quite a good summary of the world cup cricket tournament.

Stay tuned for Cricket Wortld Cup updates!


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