More Pets of Tom on Tuesday: Marmie

The accompanying photo tells you a lot about what you need to know about Marmaduke, or to his family, Marmie. For instance, he chewed out the flap in the cardboard box, all by himself, because he could. Marmie chews a lot of things, just because he can! Yet he somehow manages to look sweetly innocent!

It was slightly unexpected how Marmie came to live with us. At the time, I lived with my wife and two step-daughters. One day they all went to the local animal shelter. SD #1 is a dog person and has always wanted a dog. So naturally she chose the cute ginger and white KITTEN to bring home! The Empress Jacinta was not impressed! At one time she was the lone pet in the Tom on Tuesday household. After some years, when T-o-T began to co-habit with the aforementioned human family, the Empress Jacinta was forced to share with a dog (more about him in a later post). The arrival of another cat proved too much. I have never heard the Empress hiss so much as she has since the arrival of Marmaduke.

SD #1 moved out a couple of years ago and by then she and the boyfriend had collected four pet dogs, one that she chose AFTER Marmie. And these were all BIG dogs! So, that is how Marmaduke came to stay with Tom on Tuesday.

As with the Empress, I have given Marmaduke a title, two in fact, just for fun. Marmaduke, Duke of Earlville, Earl of Dukeville. So, it is a play on the “duke” in Marmaduke. I do in fact live near a suburb called Earlville. Dukeville is fictional. And in case you were wondering, an Empress definitely outranks a Duke or an Earl. I checked. “You know who” considers it an important detail!

Marmie is definitely a curious cat. Apart from chewing various items, Marmie has yet to meet a bag, a box, a cupboard or a shelf that did not require him investigating. I once thought I would cure Marmie of his habit of climbing into open cupboards by closing the door after him. It didn’t work. He just finds space on a shelf and curls up asleep. Family members thought that his chewing and investigating behaviour meant he is somewhat stupid. Over time it has become clear that that assessment is not correct. Marmie actually prioritises activities in his life: playing, sleeping, eating, annoying the Empress. He only expends energy on important things: eating and occasionally annoying you know who. The rest of the time he saves energy. So falling asleep in any old cupboard, shelf, box or bag is simply an efficient use of energy!

The most memorable adventure Marmie had was when he disappeared for a day. Or rather he missed dinner one night. This was unusual enough to raise concern. When the disappearance extended to two days it was time to start a more determined search. Posters were made, neighbours were questioned. By day three we were really worried. Until we heard a faint “meow”. No more than twenty metres from our house, Marmie was down the storm water drain. First we could hear him, then eventually  he appeared below the grate! The two nearest grates were stuck. At least we knew where he was. We dropped some biscuits through the grate.

Next day, we requested assistance from the fire brigade (“we don’t do that”) and the local water authority. Apparently the employees of the water authority are not authorised to go into the drains! Hello!  That evening, with greater determination I removed one of the grates. I could stand in the hole but could not see along the drain. Finally son-in-law coaxed Marmie along the drain. Marmie wasn’t worried at all. He thought son-in-law had come to play, so Marmie rolled over and asked for his tummy to be tickled. One more strange thing. The drains were damp and definitely dirty. Marmie, however, after more than three days was perfectly clean!

Get some Pet Care Tips here for your much loved furry friends!

Later on the night we rescued Marmie from the drain, it poured rain! Marmaduke, the charmer has a charmed life!


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