In Cairns – NOT swimming in the sea!

There are a few reasons why we tend to swim in swimming pools instead of the sea in Cairns. For a start, directly off Cairns Esplanade, instead of a beach there are mudflats – ugly, smelly, sticky mudflats. Most of the other Cairns beachside suburbs have poor quality sandy beaches that often disappear at high tide. It is really hard to sunbake on the rock walls! Others are not so worried about the lack of beaches as they are concerned about the lack of surf. Far North Queensland makes a living from tourists visiting the Great Barrier Reef. However the consequence of having a reef that is such a barrier is that is effectively stops the coastal areas having any surf at all.

However, the major reason for NOT swimming in the sea near Cairns is that the sea is full of critters – ones that can kill you! Dear reader, you need look no further than today’s local newspaper in Cairns: Croc wants a swim! And to think one local thought it was a goanna that was taking a dip in the sea!

It gives you some indication that the devices inserted into the sea over the summer months are called “stinger nets”. “Stingers” as in various types of jellyfish that have venomous and potentially deadly stings. Take your pick of the Box Jellyfish or the Irukandji Jellyfish. Both of these creatures have the added “benefit” of being small and difficult to see, unlike our crocodile friend above.

So, my advice. Come to Cairns. Go out to the Great Barrier Reef and snorkel or skin dive, for it is beautiful. But when you return to your holiday accommodation, don’t go near the beach if you are looking for a swim. Stay by the pool or visit the Cairns Lagoon – they are cleaner, safer and you will NOT be close enough to smile at a crocodile!

Finally, as a long term resident of Cairns who loves the place, isn’t this an odd way of publicising the delights of Far North Queensland by pointing out all the dangers? My dear blog reader, I was practising my LINKS! And if you are looking for a place to stay in Cairns this really is a good one. If there is one or two of you, ask for Unit 1813 – yep it’s mine!


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