The Pets of Tom On Tuesday: The Empress Jacinta!

I previously warned my dear readers that Tom On Tuesday’s domestic animals would sooner or later appear in this blog. Rarely have I had pets that were specifically mine. They were usually family pets or ones chosen by others or at other times I lived for years without any pets at all.

In 2001 that all changed. At a Saturday morning market I wandered past a couple with five fluffy balls that were kittens. On a whim I decided maybe I was interested. You realise in retrospect that to hold one is to take one home. I did however check in with my mother first as I was then living with Mum and Dad for a few months and they had not had pets in their house for years. I got the go ahead.

Returning to the market, I was introduced to “Precious” a female, long haired, Persian cross, with dark fur (chocolate brown as it turned out but easily mistaken for black). Even besotted as I was with the kitten, “Precious” was well, a bit precious even for me. As time would tell, her “birth name” it was indicative of who would usually have the upper hand in this relationship. My name for her was Jacinta. What can I say? I was newly separated so the cat got a human name and I’ve long liked J names.

I should add that some years on, on a whim and because it suits their personalities I have given each of the pets honorary titles. Jacinta, naturally has long been a princess. Later that progressed to Queen and subsequently, Empress. The Empress title only came about because well an Empress is superior to a Queen! This is one cat that was destined to reach the top! Not wanting animal egos to get out of check, the titles are of course only used on special occasions like birthdays and reviewing of the staff! You may well ask, Queen or Empress of where? If you knew Jacinta, the answer is of course where ever she wants!

After I moved out on my own, Jacinta was my only pet for another four years or so. She liked it that way. A cat with such a high opinion of herself does not brook competition and does not share staff! Staff? As any cat owner can tell you a feline’s staff are the humans who feed, clean up after and generally dote on said feline. In Jacinta’s case the staff were well, me, Tom On Tuesday.

Jacinta’s life was to change greatly when Tom On Tuesday decided to remarry, relocate and co-habit with other…staff! Three more staff to be exact. But there was a problem. For Jacinta a very distasteful, almost unmentionable problem. A dog. That’s right a D-O-G! For Jacinta, it wasn’t who let the dogs out. It was, “whose idea was it to let a dog live her in the first place, huh?”.

Until now, I never knew how much the Empress could hiss! Charming!

And the dog? He is a happy go lucky, glad to see anyone Jack Russell, named Bruno. Or to give him his full title (for special occasions only), Lord Bruno of Bentley. But HIS story is for another day.

And I’m still not sure that Jacinta has ever forgiven Tom On Tuesday for forcing her to SHARE!

Click here for more on looking after your cat!


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