Making My Mark in 2011

How will you make your mark in 2011? That was the title of a talk back session on ABC radio today. What a great topic for me, looking forward to 2011.

On 6th December 2010 I resurrected this blog because I wanted to. At the same time I committed to posting three times a week during December and January because I could AND because I wanted to. In the three weeks since then, not only have I kept up with my committment but I have enjoyed the blogging journey. That tells me I am on the right track with this one.

On 15th December 2010 I also wrote a post entitled “SHOULDed to the nth degree”. It contains some warnings. The opening paragraph is sufficient to warn of ambitions that one SHOULD have but which one is NOT committed to:

“SHOULD is a deceptive word. SHOULD is not an entirely bad word. Indeed it has the ring of being a virtuous word. However SHOULD is a word that is apt to grow tentacles. It is a word that is synonymous with obligation but it is also a word that is liable to take you places that you do not wish to go.”

Bearing the above in mind, how would I like to make my mark in 2011? I would like to be self employed in 2011 first with a sustainable income, then with a bountiful income. This ambition is coloured by a horrible employment experience for part of 2010. It is also influenced by some indifferent experiences during job interviews and less than encouraging results when applying for other jobs.

Self employment though is not a goal I seek lightly. My several previous attempts at sustainable self employment have ranged between not quite sustainable and abject failure.

The positive intent for my self employment goal is that there are several things I am good at: analysing businesses, dealing with people and share investing. I have several outlets for these abilities: becoming a BAS service provider and bookkeeper with the bonus of being an accountant, helping other businesses through the power of Childsplay Marketing and investing my own money (when I make some!). I have been able to look after the clients of other people and make money for them. I would now like to look after my own clients and make money for myself!

This goal of sustainable and then bountiful self employment is not one that will immediately appear. But it is my dream for 2011 and beyond. It is how I would like to make my mark in 2011. And you just know that there will be future blog posts on this topic. Stay tuned.

How will make YOUR mark in 2011?


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