My cats are registered – how soon can they drive?

Our beloved Cairns Regional Council has now brought in by laws that all cats in the council region must be registered. Registration between now and 30 June 2011 for de-sexed cats is **free**, otherwise $35. After next 1 July who knows. The hitch is that a cat owner needs a vet certificate verifying the de-sexing before the free registration can proceed. I am soon to find out how much that will be. But wait a minute, all de-sexed cats have a tattoo in one ear. I feel like fronting up to council chambers to show the staff the tattoo. Maybe I will do that!

Actually I’m glad that the Council is now requiring registration of cats. My dog has been registered for years but he still can’t drive the car because his legs are too short. With THREE animals now registered hopefully they can work together with all the controls to chauffeur me around town. That’s NOT the purpose of pet registration? Pity.

Actually I will be relieved once the cats are registered. A couple of years ago Marmaduke, the ginger male (de-sexed!) cat disappeared for a couple of days. To know how unusual that is, Marmaduke loves his food too much to EVER voluntarily miss dinner time. To miss one was unusual, to miss two meant we mounted a search party.

It turns out after another day missing that he has gotten down the storm water drains near home and was unable to get out. Actually the story we discerned was that Jacinta (female, fluffy cat), who is disdainful that she has to share the pet role in the household with Marmaduke and a DOG, in fact must have lured Marmaduke to the drain entrance. Then she “pretended” to hop into the drain to show Marmie how easy it was. In truth, while Jacinta’s fluff makes her look larger than she is, she is in fact quite a small cat.

So it took a while to get Marmie out of the drain, a whole extra day. And is there any help available. Fire Brigade? “We don’t do that.” They do on those cutesie TV shows where the owner is an adorable child or a charming female! Cairns Water? “Our staff aren’t authorised to work in the drains.” Hello! YOU are Cairns Water! “Sorry, no can do.”

So, with cat registration, if there is a next time, or perhaps with Marmie it is when there is a next time, I will demand to see my taxes in action!


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