So the people who know me best are already rolling around laughing their heads off. OR reading on in morbid fascination to see what develops. For I promised my self a few years ago to become a writer, an opinion columnist under the pseudonym Tom On Tuesday. And in this age I self publish in this blog.

I have had the BEST procrastinator’s excuse for only starting a few days ao – my blog got hijacked by some no name hacker around a year ago. The blog at that stage had half a dozen articles written over a couple of years. Two days ago I discovered that the blog address had been un-hacked but all the articles had gone. So BEST procrastinator’s excuse is gone!

This is article three in three days. Great start. Let’s see where I am in a week, a month or a year.

Looking through my article archive I keep in Word, I came across an article by a newspaper columnist on today’s topic: procrastination. The bottom line advice? If you want to be a writer instead of a “gunna do”, write 500 words a session BEFORE you do anything else. Household chores, errands and other activities will always be with us. Writing, whether a book, an article or some other endeavour will not appear by itself.

Interestingly while I have been writing this I have had the TV on “Minute to Win It” and I have had one incoming phone call. But tonight, I am back at the keyboard and heading for 500 words. The current task on “Minute to Win It” is a bloke bouncing pencils end on to try to get them in a glass. Ironic considering that another name for procrastination is “pencil sharpening”. See, distractions from the task at hand are always around, even if some of them are pencil bluntening!

More advice for the world class procrastinator reading this. Watch the movie “Dead Poet’s Society” again. Carpe Diem is not merely for school pranks and youthful enthusiasm. For anyone who has come to a road block in life or an avenue of life, reclaim your enthusiasm and drive to do whatever it is that you have promised yourself. That was the message that I got from revisiting “Dead Poet’s Society”.

Will I rid myself of procrastination by this concentrated burst of energy. Well, yes, for today. But procrastination is a constant companion. For me, procrastination has a couple of precursors. One, I procrastinate because I have become stuck with a task and I am not sure how to progress or how to complete the task. That is okay if it can be fixed with a coffee, a quick walk or some other temporary break. It is not helped if the stuck task is filed away for “later”. Later rarely seems to come until later is someone else’s NOW!

Second, I procrastinate because I am bored with the present job and would rather be doing something else. This is also okay until the task to be done later becomes someone else’s NOW!

Do I have the permanent answer for procrastination? No. But this article helped. Woo hoo, now I’m a self help writer! So, this column is not quite as clever or witty as others I have penned but it is determined. Determined to amount to 500 words! Ah yes, now 557 words.


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